Wastewater or sewage treatment has become need of the hour today.

It refers to the processes of eradicating contaminants from municipal sewage, household sewage and industrial waste water including both runoff and domestic. Across the world, health problems and diseases are the result of untreated or inadequately treated wastewater. This water pollution affects all living creatures and has a negative impact on water for drinking, household needs, fishing, recreation, transportation and commerce.

Wastewater management companies come up with various physical, chemical and biological processes to remove these contaminants. With the help of advanced technological solutions, sewage can be re-used and converted into safe drinking water. The companies have to develop sewage treatment plants after a detailed study on the various engineering factors, environmental factors, process considerations and cost considerations. Some of the crucial challenges for selecting the apt solution for wastewater treatment include:

How ENWECO Helps

In the wastewater management domain, we cater small, medium and large turnkey projects. These span across various sectors like municipal, infrastuctural and industrial units. To facilitate reutilisation of wastewater for industrial and municipal purposes, we offer a wide array of optimized solutions. Our expertise, dedicated team and technology help us to address water and wastewater management requirements of consumers. To treat the increasingly complex effluents in accordance with the discharge standards, we ensure success of wastewater projects through:

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